Garbh Sanskar & Pregnancy Care

Garbh sanskar means educating your baby inside your womb.Garbhasanskar is a process to achieve Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Social development & Perfection for the mother & baby. It is a 5 hour interactive workshop aimed to address the queries and anxieties common to every mother and father. The workshop will be delivered by expert panel of reputed professionals who will deliver the sessions and answer all your questions.

Traditionally , spiritually it is believe that your baby starts learning right from the womb. Science has also proved that baby can learn from initial stages. Baby listen to the mothers feelings, emotions, thus a positive thinking and attitude helps in better development of baby. The mother can shape up baby’s first impressions by listening to good music, reading material that stimulates positive thinking, meditation, yoga . The advantages of garbh sanskar are not only that you educate your child but there is development of a bond between the mother and the child. During the months of pregnancy there is total development of child inside the womb of mother, During this state efforts are made for betterment and optimum development of your child. During intrauterine life approx of brain development occurs. Thus special efforts(Garbh sanskar) are taken for maximum maturity and for stimulation of babys sense.

 Topics of  Garbha Sanskar Classes

1.Fetal Development.

Understand your babys development week wise, Changes in your body. Learn the development and its dietary requirement.


2. Diet , Nutrition during pregnancy

Dietary advise according to babys growth, Trimister wise eating habits, foods to be avoided during pregnancy. Importance of protein, folic acid, Iron, calories during pregnancy an inclusion of food accordingly.


3.Effect of OM & Mantra (Garbh Sanskar)

It is also proved that foetus also responds to the music and Mantra. From the seventh month onwards, foetus can hear the sounds from mothers womb and from the s

Delivery and Birth


1.Yoga & Meditation : Practise of Yoga during pregnancy to help your body to prepare for delivery, Reduce stress, anxiety.

2.Parent-foetus bonding : ( Visualization technique) This involve meditation and visualization technique, establishing a communication with the foetus which transmits ‘good values and thoughts’ to the baby in the womb. Thoughts and feelings of the parents affect the baby.

3.Prepared Child birth: Instruction for Labour and Birth Topics include the Birth process, Signs and symptoms of labour,Stages of labour, When to go to the hospital and what to bring with you Physical and emotional recovery after birth.

4.Breathing Exercise : during labour Topics include breathing techniques and progressive relaxation to reduce stress. Benefit of breathing exercise during labour.

5.Foot massage: Techniques to de-stress body with foot massage, pressure points.

6. Breast feeding Tips